REVO Launch Catalyst: Accelerate Pharma Product Launches

The Fastest Way to Get Your New Products into Physicians' Prescriptions

Looking to ensure high brand advocacy and enhanced physician education?

REVO is a comprehensive prescription generation platform that offers robust functionality throughout the commercial product launch lifecycle, from pre-launch preparations to launch execution and post-launch optimization.


Market & Product Preparations

Marketing Surveys 

Knowing where you currently stand is vital, as it unveils unforeseen challenges, facilitates thorough preparation, meticulous attention to detail, and enables prompt responsiveness.

With REVO's launch dashboard and its comprehensive charts, you gain real-time visibility into your current status, enabling you to track progress alongside your plan and swiftly identify the need for intervention when necessary.

Promotional Material

When it comes to pursuing HCPs for prescriptions, visual promotion is key!

They may tell you that detailing is no longer effective and HCPs hate it!

The data we have says otherwise, As a matter of fact, HCPs (when we surveyed them) do prefer good (non-boring)* visual presentation, but it needs to be done right!

Target List Preparation

Managing the initial customer list for targeting during a launch can be daunting.

REVO simplifies this process by assisting you in defining your high-level needs and parameters.

Subsequently, automation and workflows streamline the process, ensuring that you meet the predefined parameters effortlessly.

Field-force Training

Preparing the field force for the launch becomes significantly streamlined with REVO.

You gain the flexibility to compile various materials, including clinical trials and videos, in diverse ways and scenarios to effectively cover your positioning and narrative.

Additionally, you can establish your educational objectives within the system, which are then seamlessly integrated into team workflows.

Furthermore, you have the ability to monitor their progress on these objectives and adjust the direction as needed at any point.


Demand Generation

Physicians Persuasion

Engaging with HCPs on REVO is effortless and does not demand extra effort from your team.

With our intuitive workflows (sequences), it becomes simpler for them to adhere to your directives without extensive training.

Moreover, from your perspective, REVO provides visibility by allowing you to track the collective work completed by the team for each HCP. This ensures that everything progresses according to plan, giving you peace of mind.


Feedback & Rx Habits

As feedback is paramount during the launch phase, REVO offers a set of workflows designed to facilitate the team in providing you with insights and feedback on Rx habits from various perspectives

REVO CRM Feedback
Increasing Scientific Understanding

Scientific understanding and fostering HCP advocacy are consistently crucial, with heightened significance during the launch phase, where they can significantly impact initial Rx growth.

REVO excels in this regard, empowering you to maintain a leading edge in scientific education.


Post Launch

Promotional Sensitivity Evaluation

REVO's AI algorithms are robust, particularly in sales integration and related KPIs, assessing the impact of promotional activities on sales, and gauging the product's sensitivity to these operations

Revenue sources

One of the key KPIs generated by REVO algorithms is the "Customer Worth Of Revenue" metric, which categorizes revenue sources, identifies organic revenue ones, and pinpoints accounts with untapped potential.

Message Delivery Evaluation

Curious to observe how effectively your team is delivering the assigned materials?

Explore the cumulative duration of each key message, ensuring alignment with your goals.

Track the progress of your target objectives and more through our 24/7 analytics portal, included with your subscription.


REVO's technology has transformed business intelligence to the next level.

It has transformed the way we track, analyze, and control the implementation of our strategy for every brand.


REVO's technology has transformed doubt into confidence, confusion into certainty, and gave us enough support to make the right decisions.

Your launch readiness dashboard is built around five main pillars!

1. Organisation Setup

Preparing the organization for the new product launch

AKA Org Readiness

In this category, you can effectively manage org-level tasks such as field-force alignment, roles distribution, ... etc.
The goal of this pillar is to ensure seamless coordination and optimal launch readiness for your organization.

2. Product Setup

Preparing the product for the market launch

AKA Product Readiness

In this category, you will oversee and manage product-related tasks and to-dos, aiming to ensure that you have all the necessary elements in place to successfully kickstart your drug. The goal is to streamline the process and ensure comprehensive readiness for your product launch.

3. Official Launch

Main launch propaganda (e.g Launch Event, Standalone ... etc)

AKA Launch Propaganda

In this category, you will take charge of managing all the tasks related to drug launch propaganda and events. The primary objective of this pillar is to orchestrate a spectacular and captivating launch, generating maximum excitement and creating a powerful launch hype that sets the stage for success.

4. Demand Generation

Building brand advocacy, increasing scientific understanding .. etc

AKA Generous Promotion

From enhancing your product's scientific understanding to building brand advocacy. The primary objective at this stage is to promote your new drug generously with scientific evidence, ultimately paving the way for organic prescriptions and establishing a solid foundation for its success.

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5. Postmortem Analysis

This is where the text for the front of your card should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

AKA Embracing the Momentum

Delivering magnificent launch propaganda and generous promotion is only impactful when accompanied by a well-defined strategy to continue demand generation momentum. Thus, effectively connecting these aspects to generated prescriptions and analyzing data for strategic decision-making becomes the crowning achievement in crafting a leading-profile drug.

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Unlock the ability to efficiently manage all essential tasks required for a successful product launch, harnessing the full potential of these powerful functions:
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