Align Your Marketing Strategy with Sales-Inspired Metrics Using REVO

Gain a comprehensive microeconomic view of your field force activities and uncover valuable insights with REVO's AI and Machine Learning capabilities

Traditionally, life sciences conduct marketing and promotion activities in semi-isolation from sales figures.

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With REVO, you can seamlessly align your marketing strategy and commercial operations with sales-inspired metrics, ensuring a more cohesive and effective approach.

Visit Revenue Share (VRS)

Have you ever wondered how much revenue your salesforce is generating from every medical visit done?

You may also ask yourself, is visiting this specific account worth it?

REVO VRS (Visit Revenue Share) KPI will help you find answers to these questions yourself.


Keeping an eye on such metric is compelling when you are evaluating your past strategies and planning a new strategy

By the end of the day, such a straightforward metric can give you a reliable clue if things moved in the right direction in a nutshell.

And having such a metric at every granular level is what makes it even more compelling.

Sensitivity to visual promotion

Everyone knows that visual promotion is key to generating more prescription-driven sales, but have you ever seen it effectively visualized before?


Our AI & Data Science team was able to create the perfect chart to visualize such information.

Their algorithms are designed to analyze your sales figures alongside visual promotion activities, determining the sensitivity slope for each product being promoted in every region or territory.

In the example above, you can observe that sales (Y-axis) increase with more visual promotion visits.

Impressively, we have identified this pattern in over 90% of the cases we have analyzed.

Sensitivity to bonuses and discounts

Bonuses and discounts are commonly used promotional tactics, especially in nutraceuticals, but they are often arbitrary and not data-driven.

To address this, our team developed a chart displaying the demand curve (units sold) at each historically registered unit price.

By pairing this with the amount of visual promotion delivered simultaneously, you can identify the sweet spot that maximizes ROI for your products.


Revo’s technology has transformed the way we track, analyze and direct our business in a more comprehensive way.

Our customer reach and traction improved dramatically, and so did our productivity and efficiency. From a users perspective;

Our team is discovering the added value of the AI driven tools available which increased compliance.

Codix CEO
Sammy Ogunjimi
Group MD/CEO
Codix Pharma Ltd

Revo’s technology has brought great effectiveness & efficiency to our sales activities in the last 12 months, leading to improved business outcomes.

We are delighted that Revo is celebrating 10 years of growth and success in MEA, and look forward to continuing our long-term partnerships.

Account Worth of Revenue

Account worth of revenue is a metric used by REVO to quantify the revenue generated from promotional activities for each account.

As illustrated in this graph, this KPI helps distinguish accounts with sustainable organic revenue from quick wins, identify accounts with untapped potential, and pinpoint those where medical visits are ineffective.

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