How can REVO help you secure prestigious collaborations?

Partner with industry best, expand your portfolio with high-quality products


Looking to broaden your portfolio with the premier pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products from around the globe?

Having assisted numerous customers in that regard, REVO comes pre-equipped with a set of functionalities and KPIs that can help you (with the assistance of our consultants) to craft an effective positioning
Brand ambassadorship

Renowned brands pay significant attention to and highly value their image in front of their customers

They want their representatives to be viewed not just as sales professionals but as ambassadors to their brands and scientific educators

Hence, they place a significant emphasis on detailing and detailing software, recognizing it as a primary, recurrent interaction that occurs frequently and leaves a lasting impression on their brands.

How REVO excel in that aspect?

REVO detailling engine is first-in-class when it comes to lifesciences:

1. Unlike other solutions that require detail aids to be hard coded, producing detail aids on REVO is very cost-effective!

2. Intelligence and KPIs are implicitly embedded in the engine, no need to explicitly define them.

3. Professional & prestigious-looking solution that gives you material an elite perception.

4. Easy to use with a very high compliance rate (> 85%)

NewCountry Healthcare
United Arab Emirates

Revo’s technology has transformed the way we track, analyze and direct our business in a more comprehensive way.

Our customer reach and traction improved dramatically, and so did our productivity and efficiency. From a users perspective;

Our team is discovering the added value of the AI driven tools available which increased compliance.

Codix CEO
Sammy Ogunjimi
Group MD/CEO
Codix Pharma Ltd

Revo’s technology has brought great effectiveness & efficiency to our sales activities in the last 12 months, leading to improved business outcomes.

We are delighted that Revo is celebrating 10 years of growth and success in MEA, and look forward to continuing our long-term partnerships.

Market Access

Market access is the foremost consideration for these companies when selecting their next partner

This factor holds significant weight and requires meticulous presentation. Typically, a regional company's reputation, experience, and the size of its field force play a pivotal role in this equation

With today's technological advancements and the era of AI, these companies now seek data-driven evidence and insights that substantiate a company's actual market access on the ground.

How REVO excel in that aspect?

REVO web analytics portal more than 500 reports that are accessible 24/7 to all management staff

Speaking of market access itself, a great number of these reports show you different perspectives of your company's coverage to the market you are in

Being able to show and present thoroughly fresh data from your team is highly valuable and speaks a lot about your strength

Needless to say that the quality of the sales enablement system you are using reflects highly on your image and consequently support your case!

Professional & rigorous team KPIs

The KPIs you are using to manage your business give a huge indication of your competence and relevance to any business case

Using generic KPIs especially in pharmaceutical & nutrucuticals these days became obsolete

Things like call rate, specialty coverage, key messages, ... etc are not indicative anymore and you rarely find a company relying on these KPIs stratgically

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With REVO, we have worked alongside our customers to come up with a new set of KPIs the truly reflect the current state of such business!

With REVO, now you can answer questions that usually many of us just rely on our gut feeling to address, such as:

Customer worth of revenue
Visit revenue share
Visit cost
Visual promotion duration
Customer Rx Index
Products promoted per visit
Travel (migration) distance
Field reps' working hours
Field reps' day start time

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