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RX-driven Packages

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Bar Raiser

Elevate individualistic & operational standards of field-force members.


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Everything in (Super Control), plus:

GTS (Goals, Tracking & Scoring)

Rep Score

Samples Tracking

Quantum (REVO Sales Module)

Collect Orders Workflow

Orders Discount Workflow

Warehouse fulfilment workflow

Split Order Workflow

Raise the quality standard of your field-force & automate orders collection

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Super Control (AI)

Diligence and discipline assurance across field-force members.


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Everything in (Dynamic CRM), plus:

Geo Suspicious Reports

Behavioral Suspicious Reports

TVD (Travel Distance Report)

Call Quality Report

Customer Targeting Quality

Medical reps classification

AI Reports and Insights

Sales Data Analytics (AI)

Forecast expenses figures and creates robust expenses calculation formula.

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Dynamic CRM

Build your fresh, hygienic, and super relevant customer list.


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Everything in (Smart CLM), plus:

Dynamic Customer Workflows

Dynamic Customer Profiling

Abandoned Customers

Customer list Balancing

Smart Planner

FLM Double Visits

Customer List Analytics

CRM Analytcis

Capture activities from FLMs, product managers, and even line managers.

Best Value For Money

Smart CLM

Increase brochures & detailing adoption. (90%+ detailing adoption guaranteed)


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Package main features:

Infinite Detail Aids To Distribute

Animated & Interactive Slides

Add Infinite Videos

Built-in References & Citation

Key Messages Tags

Missions for Compliance

Marketing Surveys

CLM Analytics

A massive cut in printing and brochure production cost as REVO ensures zero-cost detail aids conversion.

Not yet ready to scale RX?!

We also offer Traditional Pharma CRM - Powered By REVO

The same quality standards as the famous RX Driven REVO, running on the same scalable infrastructure, stripped to match the traditional CRM offering at a reduced price paid once!

Traditional Pharma CRM Pricing

Have a big Salesforce?

Introducing REVO For Mega Teams

Since We have worked with one of the biggest pharma sales forces in the region, we know that sometimes these teams need some sort of a price adaptation to match the big field-force size.

We Got You Covered! If you have a relatively big salesforce and you want to get a modified cost proposal, please click on the button below 👇

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