Tired of dealing with ongoing complaints regarding GEO fencing and CRM reporting?

Geofencing induces miss trust, bad morale, and cripple daily field force activities

Although geofencing is widely adopted in pharma these days!

Not only It have a notable negative influence on the team's productivity & morale, but also it is highly unreliable and very difficult to implement on a large customer base!

A better alternative should be something that induces prescription driven awareness and mindset

Field members need to be calibrated and trained on their customer education efforts and practices, not just being physically there!

They need to be enabled, instead of being tracked

Throughout our experience collaborating with high-performing teams, we've observed a common trend: they prioritize enabling their teams to deliver their message effectively and to be recognized as educators for (HCPs)!

How REVO can help you enable your field force and put them on the right track to win more prescriptions?!

Increase their adoption of visual promotion and HCP educaiton

REVO promotional workflows are built specifically to maximize visual interaction!

You're familiar with the adage "content is king" in communication. If that's the case, then visual promotion must be its kingdom, given its profound impact in creating lasting impressions.

Our data shows that visual promotion workflow withing REVO has a very high adoption rate, more than 85% to be specific!

Story Telling With Medical Detailing
How REVO excel in that aspect?

REVO detailling engine is first-in-class when it comes to lifesciences:

1. Unlike other solutions that require detail aids to be hard coded, producing detail aids on REVO is very cost-effective!

2. Embded in the promotional workflow, not a skippable functionality

3. Professional & prestigious-looking solution that gives you material an elite perception.

NewCountry Healthcare
United Arab Emirates

Revo’s technology has transformed the way we track, analyze and direct our business in a more comprehensive way.

Our customer reach and traction improved dramatically, and so did our productivity and efficiency. From a users perspective;

Our team is discovering the added value of the AI driven tools available which increased compliance.

Codix CEO
Sammy Ogunjimi
Group MD/CEO
Codix Pharma Ltd

Revo’s technology has brought great effectiveness & efficiency to our sales activities in the last 12 months, leading to improved business outcomes.

We are delighted that Revo is celebrating 10 years of growth and success in MEA, and look forward to continuing our long-term partnerships.

Do their job effortless, without sacrificing intelligence

Visual promoiton in REVO is seamless, the amount of effort needed to deliver a visual message is equivalent to 20 minutes per day

REVO detailing engine is very intuitive, fluid enough to adopt different situations and circumstances you face in the field, without sacrificing the essence of a visual message

With today's technological advancements and the era of AI, these promotional activities are now complemented with an extra touch

How REVO excel in that aspect?

REVO detailing engine is very versatile when it comes to delivering visual message

Although, It is very complicated to accommodate delivering a single message through different mediums and ways

On the other side, it is very intuitive and easy to use making reps lives way easier than before

All of that while requiring minimum intervention and production from the marketing team

Rigorous team KPIs that visualize diligence, not quantity

The nature of life sciences promotion and customer education is very different than traditional industries

Which in turn makes customer micro-interactions and education vital in the promotional process

That's why traditional, quantitative KPIs are not enough anymore to gauge your demand generation efforts!

Pharma Marketing Automation
With REVO, we have worked alongside our customers to come up with a new set of KPIs the truly reflect the current state of such business!

With REVO, now you can answer questions that usually many of us just rely on our gut feeling to address, such as:

Customer worth of revenue
Visit revenue share
Visit cost
Visual promotion duration
Customer Rx Index
Products promoted per visit
Travel (migration) distance
Field reps' working hours
Field reps' day start time

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