AI-powered sales enablement platform for
Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Put your salesforce
on the right track
to win more Rx

Accelerate Product Launches - Build Predictable Revenue - Acquire a Powerful Salesforce

With REVO, you can enable your salesforce to unlock more prescriptions by helping them to:

  • Adopt the Industry’s highest commercial standards with minimum training.
  • Increase detailing adoption. Adopt Rx driven mentality.
  • Identify organic prescription sources from in-organic ones.

Renowned Brands promoted with REVO


With REVO, Compliance is a key


Is the average number of active reps in teams using REVO


Visits conducted with visual promotion


HCPs medical reps interacted with on REVO

Enable every rep to achieve like your best!

REVO help you reduce the gap between your top & least performing medical reps through automated workflows & native pharma processes!

How Can REVO Help With Prescriptions?

Boost field-force adoption to detailing & visual promotion, Strengthen HCP advocacy

With 10% of the training, REVO workflows help your team better educate their customers through visual messages

DR. Nael Koudsi
NewCountry Healthcare
United Arab Emirates

Revo’s technology has transformed the way we track, analyze and direct our business in a more comprehensive way.

Our customer reach and traction improved dramatically, and so did our productivity and efficiency. From a users perspective;

Our team is discovering the added value of the AI driven tools available which increased compliance.

Codix CEO
Sammy Ogunjimi
Group MD/CEO
Codix Pharma Ltd

Revo’s technology has brought great effectiveness & efficiency to our sales activities in the last 12 months, leading to improved business outcomes.

We are delighted that Revo is celebrating 10 years of growth and success in MEA, and look forward to continuing our long-term partnerships.

Close the loop, & visualize commercial microeconomics!

The REVO platform, supported by our AI and data science team, has developed innovative sales integration and visualization techniques that reveal the deep microeconomics of your commercial activities.

Our goal is to help you manage your commercial operations with a modern, data-driven approach that combines the highest commercial standards with financial success.

Visit sales driven marketing section to learn more

Quick implementation, Quick ROI

Forget lengthy implementation and setup phases, costly detail aids programming, and complexity that drive field force furious.

With REVO, you can put your field force on the right track to win more Rx in a few weeks!
Try before you buy

REVO can be used on top of your current CRM


Or utilize the built-in cost-effective REVO CRM

Pricing that matches your needs

Pay for the value you get, Not for for functionalities you may not realize

Most Popular

Salesforce Operations

For organizations seeking to modernize and automate their field force operations, processes, SOPs, etc ...

Build on top of the REVO's infrastructure and consolidate all salesforce operations into a unified system distinct from the company's ERP

Custom company SOPs automation and workflows

Custom company operations mobile app

Integration with 3rd party solutions

Tech consultancy services


Ai consultancy service

Suitable for teams with <50 reps

Rx+ Dynamics

Tailored for small or newly formed teams to expedite market entry and address resource constraints effectively


per user/month

Adds the functionality needed to overcome dynamic challenges and maintain momentum

Suitable for teams with 50+ reps


For organizations seeking a unified solution, combining REVO smart CRM with Rx-Booster provides a comprehensive platform for both Rx and CRM needs


per user/month

Add pharmaceutical & nutraceutical focused CRM functionality to give you a more holistic overview of your customers

RX-Booster Best Value

For organizations that already have a CRM in place, but looking to foster a prescription-driven mindset, this package unlocks untapped potential for further growth in prescriptions acquisition


per user/month

Includes essential workflows required to increase HCPs advocacy & boost prescriptions acquisition

Other ways to use REVO

When it comes to pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals, REVO can help you do various jobs at the same time
Accelerate Product Launches

Planning a new product launch and want to get the most out of it?

REVO can be highly effective in helping you plan, launch, and visualize demand generation and earnings firsthand.

Learn More
Attract Renowned Brands

Looking to broaden your portfolio with the premier products from around the globe?

REVO comes pre-equipped with a set of functionalities and KPIs that can help you (with the assistance of our consultants) to craft an effective positioning

Learn More
Sales Driven Marketing

Traditionally, life sciences conduct marketing and promotion activities in semi-isolation from sales figures.

With REVO, you can seamlessly align your marketing strategy and commercial operations with sales-inspired metrics, ensuring a more cohesive and effective approach.

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Alternative To Geofencing

Geofencing induces miss trust, bad morale, and cripples daily field force activities!

A better alternative should induce prescription-driven awareness and mindset.

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