Dear Sales Manager,
Need time to
focus on your sales priorities?

REVO has streamlined CRM and HCP updates with automation to allow you to concentrate on the bigger picture, with the peace of mind that geo-tracking is protecting your data from inaccuracies and fraudulent activity.

CRM & Detailing Integration
Double the power of your strategic insight
with automated CRM and DRx integration

Dynamic CRM with Control Levels

With REVO dynamic CRM, everyone is responsible for keeping the HCP up-to-date, but you retain full and ultimate control. It puts you back at the helm, focusing on the bigger picture.


Quick to Maintain

The database is regularly distributed to each member in your team for confirmation of contact details. They respond with simple actions (add, update, remove) and you simply confirm or deny. It’s that easy. The result? An accurate, updated HCP list without the headache.

Automatic CRM & DRX integration
REVO streamlines workflow at every point in the process. Historically, CRM systems have been convoluted and time consuming to update.
With REVO, the DRX detailing system and CRM work together, updating automatically to capture every detail and minimise duplication, keeping lists up-to-date 24/7.

Strategic Insight

Your sales teams will be prompted to add further detail capturing information from each detailing visit, which you can use to make informed decisions at a strategic level.

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