Managing Big Data in Pharma, Technology, And Analytics

The pharma brand manager’s role is a complexed.  A large part of the daily job requires juggling and prioritizing dependent on campaign timelines, budgets and changing product strategy.  In today’s data rich marketing environment, managing big data in pharma has never been more challenging.  

We all know that data holds answers and insight that can improve the way we market, sell, understand and differentiate but realistically, who has the time to wade through it all on top of everything else?

How can you take advantage of all that information without sacrificing more time to do it?

Whether it’s the information held in CRM systems or the analytics held in campaign management and web tools, there is a growing trend in healthcare marketing that’s seeing an increase in people being employed solely to analyze the analytics!

When you’ve analyzed those analytics and reported on it, what do you do with it then?  Utilization is the next step in the process, which requires even more resource and time.

And then, at the end of the day, the decisions required on how to act on that new, golden insight will come full circle to rest on the brand manager’s lap once again – where it often sits, underutilized because of, you guessed it - time

Whilst expanding the team with resource to carry out the tasks seems to be the chosen option for most, it is not the only option.Technology enabled the capture of all this data, and pharma technology holds the answer as to how we can make best use of it.

Does REVO hold the answer?

It may be a shameless plug but this is exactly why our developers have spent the past few months designing a platform that aims to tackle the problem of time, head on.

REVO is a suite of tools that includes CRM, eDetailing, Performance and  Analytics It’s based on its predecessor, Revosuite.  The problem with REVO, along with other tools used by pharma marketers, is that it is rarely used to its full potential because managers don’t have the time.  REVO removes that barrier by bringing must-know campaign data and sales performance to top-level view in a elegant dashboard that displays critical results, progress updates and rep activity in real-time without having to drill down to find it.

It’s intelligent, it’s automatic and it performs tasks on behalf of the brand manager. It sets automatic KPIs based on historical performance; it sends notifications to medical reps on the road dependent on their activity within campaign targets and timelines; and it pulls out reports and data relevant to the brand manager’s needs. Basically, you tell it what you want it to do and it does it.

We’re hoping this easy to use marketing tech sets the benchmark for others to follow.  The industry is ready to move beyond data capture to focus on data utilization – without piling on more workload in the process.  And it needs to start by managing big data in pharma.

If we can start thinking about the bigger picture in healthcare marketing, maybe pharma marketers can start leading the way for other industries to follow.  That would be refreshing wouldn’t it?