Pharma CRM: How to work smarter not harder

Critical Data: Who's Analyzing Your CRM Analytics?

CRM systems are common place in the world of sales and marketing and have been for a few years but pharma CRM is a tool that is rarely used to its full potential.  Never before has data been so critical, and so big, but with that wealth of information comes confusion around how to access and use it – especially in the world of pharma marketing.

Why I can't make good use of my current CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, CRM, provides an organisation with a history of customer interactions.  It can be as detailed as you want it to be but users often take the easy route, capturing only the bare minimum in qualitative data.  This is often due to lack of time or incentive to use clunky, complicated applications but there’s hope on the horizon.

Medical sales reps and marketers need to know their buyer in order sell in a highly competitive market.

By understanding the motivations of multiple audiences, pharma organisations can tailor communications, presentations and visits to each segmented group.  The more targeted the messages, the greater the impact.  Relevance really does sell more in healthcare.

Intelligent Pharma CRM Technology Is The Answer!

In the healthcare profession - an industry that greatly relies on patient and physician insight – there are a few forward thinking brands who are realizing there’s significant advantage to be had from using CRM properly and are looking to new, user-friendly, intelligent pharma CRM technology to take that even further.

One Marketing Platform, Multiple Uses!

New marketing platforms need to do much more than the old CRM systems, which historically just captured customer conversations and buying histories.  Today’s sophisticated tools now integrate with detailing CRM performance platforms,  giving managers and reps a single, powerful, double-strength platform that can prompt sales reps to ask specific questions when visiting certain physicians in order to build a more detailed picture of that prospect. They can monitor performance, set targets, provide medical knowledge, dictate appraisals and much more. They can also be used to create personalized customer surveys for particular segments based on their history and preferences.  That data is then fed back into the central database to be used for refining highly targeted marketing messages, strengthening future interactions and improving sales performance.  

 Sharpen Your Marketing Message

You can see the potential of these systems.  The more these tools are used, the greater the knowledge – for both HQ marketing and medical sales reps on the road. The system feeds itself and the ROI is big.  The more the pharma brands understand what their customers really need, the better they can respond to that – rather than pedaling generic marketing messages in the hope that something resonates with someone, somewhere.

Technology enables a personalized pharma experience

It goes beyond sales and marketing too.  Knowing your buyers enables you to offer a more personalized service. Brand loyalty is key in a fiercely competitive marketplace and can only be achieved by maintaining long-term relationships where the buyer feels genuinely valued. Data tells you how to do that for each individual practice and physician.

Fine Details Or The Bigger Picture, Why Not Both?

There’s the big picture too.  Whilst the intelligence of these platforms can be used to understand the individual buyers, analytics can also be used to gain much greater market intelligence.  In the very near future, these systems will integrate with others outside the organisation for deep, industry-wide knowledge.  For now though, healthcare brands simply need to get better at utilizing the tools they have in order to develop true customer-centered communications.


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