3 Steps to Fair Employee Reward in Pharma

For pharma companies, an incentive can mean higher sales and a more motivated sales force. Typically decision makers take into consideration several metrics to calculate the compensation, like general sales against the target, product knowledge followed by the subjective judgment of sales managers, product mix and strike rate. However, revealing those metrics takes time as they undergo double visits, cluttered … Read More

Managing Medical Sales Rep Activities

Managing and motivating your sales team activities is a crucial part of the success in any business. Sales representatives are the fuel that drives an organization, but the leaders have the ability to control the steering wheel for them to drive in the right direction when given the sufficient data and key metrics from the field activity.  According to Vantage … Read More

Optimal Sales Territory Coverage

Optimal territory design helps companies to balance workload, but it is also one of the hardest and most vital practices faced in Pharma Industry, yet the majority of the organizations face common challenges

Turnover in Pharma: Revealing the Price Tag

When a medical representative leaves the company he doesn’t only take institutional knowledge with him, but his retinotopic intelligence, customer relationships, sales territory intelligence that he has built while working there. Resulting in colossal amounts of knowledge leaving a company. But how does that influence a company’s bottom line? What are the consequences to that “memory loss”? According to Panopto’s … Read More

Pharma Marketing News: Revosuite Goes Public

Three months after the beta launch of REVO, the pharma marketing tool has received a major upgrade and officially launches to the public this month. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting multi-platform solution: In essence, REVO is a suite of tools that has been designed to make everyone in the organization to achieve top performace. From regional heads, … Read More

Can Medical Science Liaisons Improve Pharma Sales Effectiveness?

The sales and marketing landscape for pharmaceuticals has been changing for some time thanks to the wealth of information now available online for doctors to access at their leisure – but face to face information and education is still as important as ever when exploring new pharmaceutical products. Medical Sales Reps have been on the scene since the year dot … Read More

How Medical Detailing Is Changing With Pharma Marketing Technology

Selling in the healthcare industry has never been more difficult Physicians are time-strapped, and medical reps are under greater pressure than ever to perform well in a shorter amount of time.  Very often, they have just a few minutes to present their pharmaceutical products or equipment to a physician. In this new selling environment, technology for pharma marketers and medical … Read More

Improve Medical Sales Effectiveness: Insights And Strategy

As with most businesses, the ultimate goal for pharmaceuticals is to sell products, which is why so much time, money and resource is invested into marketing and sales activity.  Sales success is therefore critical so why is it that only 25% of the sales force is effective Market share will only increase if prescriptions increase and that relies heavily on … Read More

Pharma CRM: How to work smarter not harder

Critical Data: Who’s Analyzing Your CRM Analytics? CRM systems are common place in the world of sales and marketing and have been for a few years but pharma CRM is a tool that is rarely used to its full potential.  Never before has data been so critical, and so big, but with that wealth of information comes confusion around how … Read More

Managing Big Data in Pharma, Technology, And Analytics

The pharma brand manager’s role is a complexed.  A large part of the daily job requires juggling and prioritizing dependent on campaign timelines, budgets and changing product strategy.  In today’s data rich marketing environment, managing big data in pharma has never been more challenging.   We all know that data holds answers and insight that can improve the way we … Read More